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Erin Sexton

Erin Sexton Licenced Real Estate Agent

Erin Sexton is a Director, Co-owner and is the Officer in Effective Control (OIEC) of 10 Ten Real Estate based in Altona.

Erin was born in the United States and studied Marketing and Economics at James Madison University (JMU) in Virginia, before transitioning into business ownership and management in her twenties.

Erin’s business acumen and client focus led to the establishment of two large, successful, customer satisfaction based businesses in the United States.

Erin excels in client interaction and is the 10 Ten Real Estate brand, experience and client manager. Erin is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent trained through the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) and has extensive real estate industry experience. Erin has experience in sales, advocacy and rental management; and has worked for a number of private and franchised real estate brands in Victoria. Erin has had extensive dealings with nearly all established franchised real estate brands in Australia.

Erin has successfully represented clients in all aspects of sales, achieving excellent results; and, has also successfully represented clients at numerous VCAT hearings. Erin has also acted as an advocate for purchasers and a marketing advocate for vendors. Erin always acts in the client’s best interests and never compromises on her own three core values of honesty, integrity and accountability.

Erin holds secondary qualifications in photography and design which assists Erin to ensure that our client’s properties are represented at their best during advertising; this way Erin ensures she is providing her clients the best value for money. 

Erin holds a Certificate IV in Property Services and has achieved both individual and company Real Estate Licenses through the Business Licensing Authority.

Erin Sexton is a highly competent and skillful real estate agent and real estate marketing professional who will ensure that your property is appropriately marketed to the right target audience, at the right time and at the highest possible price. Above all, Erin will ensure that you are comfortable and fully understand what is occurring at each and every step of the process.

Erin Sexton is an excellent communicator; a key decision maker and guarantees that as a client of 10 Ten Real Estate you will never have reason to doubt our honesty, integrity or accountability.